If CME does not have a standard tray to suit your requirement, we have an engineering design team that can do this for you. CME has the capabilities of designing a tray that will work effectively with your current plastic or wood trays, and we provide a 100% guarantee of this.

CAD drawings of your tray are generated by CME, and are signed off by both the customer and mogul manufacturer before any trays are manufactured. CME will always provide sample trays for trial before commencing full production.

1. New Mogul Production Lines

CME work extensively with all major mogul manufacturers NID, Makat, Fasttrack and Winkler & Dunnebier, this ensures CME trays work effectively on all mogul lines.

For all projects, CME will generate CAD drawings of the tray for approval from the mogul manufacturer. CME is happy to manufacture a small batch of trays to send to the mogul manufacturer to conduct testing.

2. Gradual Replacement of your wood starch trays

CME Trays are designed to integrate with all regular and jumbo sized moguls. CME’s 100% guarantee provides perfect integration with wood trays at no risk. This allows customers to change from wood to plastic over a period of time, eliminating the need to replace all of the wood trays at once. It is important to note that there is no difference in the drying times of products manufactured in CME Trays and wood trays. CME Trays can be randomly mixed into wood tray stacks. This random mixing provides gradual replacement programs of broken wood trays, and eliminates a large investment cost. CME has successfully mixed our trays with wood trays for over 30 years.

For gradual replacement, CME examines a customer’s current wood tray, and determine which CME Tray is suitable for use in the same mogul. CME will always supply sample trays for testing to ensure the customer is 100% satisfied our tray will work effectively. CME representatives are regularly on site to ensure the testing and mixing of our trays with wood trays goes well.

CME has mixed our trays and replaced wood trays in major confectionery companies around the world for over 30 years. CME ensure our customers get the right level of service both before and after purchasing CME Trays.