CME Starch Mogul Trays are made from high strength composite material, providing extended service life without repair or replacement. Our Starch Trays are compatible with all major mogul manufacturers: NID, Makat, Fasttrack, Winkler & Dunnebier and other mogul brands. CME provides a 100% guarantee that our tray will integrate perfectly with your existing wood or plastic trays, stock which allows you to gradually replace broken wooden trays.

Starch Trays:

  • do not absorb moisture
  • remain dimensionally stable and do not warp or twist
  • are temperature tolerant and not affected by heat from drying room temperatures
  • stackable corners – maximise drying room capacity
  • smooth surface – will not mark capsules
  • no sharp edges – easy handling

CME Trays have a smooth surface, with no joints or sharp edges. This seamless design prevents bacterial growth. CME Trays fully comply with FDA and EEC food contact standards EC10/2011. CME holds quality accreditations ISO9001.

Our Starch Trays are supplied worldwide to over 40 countries. CME has over 30 years’ experience in manufacturing starch mogul trays, and have a large selection of standard tray designs available. We also have extensive design knowledge, and can custom design any tray to any dimension. As CME Trays manufacture their own materials to ensure the quality meets food grade standards we are able to offer a range of colour selections.

CME Starch Trays will operate continuously in temperatures from -52 degrees C to 122 degrees C. The Starch Trays will not wrap or twist underload and have excellent stacking, will not trap moisture or allow bacteria. The contoured corners and radiuses edges make cleaning easy. CME Starch Trays offer a wide range of sizes and can also custom design a starch tray when required.